Registry Statistics

Number of Members in the registry: 1435

DescriptionTrue numberPercentage
2004 Cars in Registry32426 %
2005 Cars in Registry62351 %
2006 Cars in Registry26221 %

Cars With a Supercharger28619 %
Cars With a FG2 Suspension41528 %
Cars With a Sunroof118682 %
Cars With a Aftermarket Exhuast47032 %

Exterior Color Breakdown
Black:57741 %
Silver:49535 %
StealthGray:7505 %
Redline:22115 %
Total Responded 1398

Interior Color Breakdown
Black:80959 %
Tan:41430 %
Gray:13610 %
Total Responded 1359

Keep in mind... many people have not filled in all of the data to make this accurate...

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