Survey 8 Results- CTS-V

Closed on March 20, 2007

214 Respondents

Model Year Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
2004 Cars30 %
2005 Cars51 %
2006 Cars15 %

Exterior Color Breakdown

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Black:41 %
Silver:38 %
StealthGray:08 %
Redline:11 %
Total Responded 214

Total miles by all V respondants: 4383080 (wow!)
Average miles per CTS-v (of the 211 respondents): 20772.890

Are you the first owner of this car?

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Lease or Purchase

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Payments remaining on the V

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Level of modificationNumberPercentage
Aside from CAGS, etc no mods:8341 %
Some mods (exhaust, intake, etc):9346 %
Heavly Modified (SC, driveleine, etc):2412 %
Total Responded 200

Number of People who have installed the TSB bushings

35 percent of people have the TSB bushings or other similar bushings installed

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Number of People FG2 or other suspension

15 percent of owners have a FG2 Suspension

01 percent of of owners have a aftermarket shock package other than the FG2 Suspension

Replacement Tires

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  • continental
  • Falken FK452
  • Pilot Sport A/S
  • Dunlop DSST
  • Dunlop Sport Maxx

    What do you think of the 2008 Exterior/ Interior

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    Do you track the V?

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    How Often do you use your Nav?

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    What is your Average MPG?

    Average mpg for a CTS-v (of the 204 respondents): 17.093137

    Do You skip gears when shifting?

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    What is your Annual insurance Cost?

    Average Annual Cost for insurance on a CTS-v (of the 178 respondents): 1428.9831

    Number of Service Visits

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    Have you ever been denied a warranty claim due to aftermarket modifications to your vehicle?

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    How many times have you had your Rear Differential replaced?

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    Combined that means a total of 27 Percent have had their differential replaced 1 or more times

    Have you had your motor mounts replaced?

    08 percent of owners have had their motor mounts replaced

    Do you plan to purchase an Extended Warranty

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    Overall Satisfaction (with 10 being best)

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    The average Overall satisfaction level is: 8.41

    Satisfaction with your dealer

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    The average Dealer satisfaction level is: 7.26

    Satisfaction with your Service Experience

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    The average Service satisfaction level is: 6.99

    Would You buy the V again?

    Vertical bars chart

    About 85 Percent of people would rebuy the CTS-V

    How long do you plan to keep your CTS-V?

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    About 49 Percent of people are going to keep the V 5 years or longer

    Will you buy another Cadillac?

    34 percent of people WILL buy another cadillac

    60 percent of people MAY buy another cadillac



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    Age Range

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    Average Age (weighted) is 42.4

    Annual Income

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    59 percent of people make above 120 k/ year


  • Cadillac has started making some really nice automobiles, but needs to improve their customer service to be a true player in the luxury market.
  • Still gives me a woody after two years!
  • If I went to Lindsay Cadillac for all of my service issues I would have rated my experience and dealer as 10's
  • 2nd CTS-V and I could not be happier although a ZO6 is likely in my near future
  • It's nice to have a fast car that you don't see others of every time you go for a drive!
  • New differential with 06 upgrades. New Trans in 05. The Corsa exhaust makes me smile every taime I drive my V. Cadillac service is sporadic. I have to drive 90 miles to get real Cadillac service
  • Crestmont Cadillac technicians are union. They went on strike last fall for several months. The service is less than desirable.
  • great car, great quality, fun to drive, I'll buy another

    Thanks to all who filled out the survey. If you want more information which I did not post, feel free to e-mail me at