Survey 8 Results- Standard CTS

Closed on March 20, 2007

98 Respondents

Model Year Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
2003 Cars28 %
2004 Cars42 %
2005 Cars21 %
2006 Cars27 %

Exterior Color Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
Black:34 %
Silver:17 %
StealthGray:09 %
Redline:05 %
White:13 %
Copper/ Orange:01 %
Blue:15 %
Green:01 %
Tan:03 %
Total Responded 98

Total miles by all CTS respondants: 2698027 (wow!)
Average miles per CTS (of the 92 respondents): 29326.380

Are you the first owner of this car?

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Lease or Purchase

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Payments remaining on the CTS

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Level of modificationNumberPercentage
Aside from minor stuff, no mods:6772 %
Some mods (exhaust, intake, etc):2526 %
Heavly Modified (SC, driveline, etc):101 %
Total Responded 93

What do you think of the 2008 Exterior/ Interior

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Do you track your Car?

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How Often do you use your Nav?

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What is your Average MPG?

Average mpg for a CTS (of the 94 respondents): 21.329787

What is your Annual insurance Cost?

Average Annual Cost for insurance on a CTS (of the 85 respondents): 1101.4352

Number of Service Visits

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Have you ever been denied a warranty claim due to aftermarket modifications to your vehicle?

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How many times have you had your Rear Differential replaced?

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Combined that means a total of 11 Percent have had their differential replaced 1 or more times

Do you plan to purchase an Extended Warranty

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Overall Satisfaction (with 10 being best)

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The average Overall satisfaction level is: 7.93

Satisfaction with your dealer

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The average Dealer satisfaction level is: 7.11

Satisfaction with your Service Experience

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The average Service satisfaction level is: 6.89

Would You buy the CTS again?

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About 88 Percent of people would rebuy the CTS-V

How long do you plan to keep your CTS?

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About 43 Percent of people are going to keep the CTS 5 years or longer

Will you buy another Cadillac?

56 percent of people WILL buy another cadillac

41 percent of people MAY buy another cadillac



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Age Range

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Average Age (weighted) is 40.6

Annual Income

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28 percent of people make above 120 k/ year


  • damn filling out this survey made me realize that i love my car even though it's been through 6 servicings and i havent had it for more than 7 months.. scary
  • The CTS is a great car. As a gearhead who loves to work on F-bodies, it's nice to have a practical daily driver that's just as fun to drive as my project car... even if it's not as fast ;-)
  • Gm needs to seriously fix the rearend and drivetrain capabilities on these cars. Love it otherwise
  • poor gas milage should have bought the V milage is about the same but tired of shifting gears. i traded a corvette in on this. big mistake.
  • Still have issues with the quality of the audio, despite the Bose system. Especially on the XM and CD. Had the stereo replaced after much arguing with Cadillac Service, but it still has an "air noise". Too bad, otherwise it would be 10s all the way across.
  • Just wish the manual tranny gear shift lever shifted smoothly. very notchy.

    Thanks to all who filled out the survey. If you want more information which I did not post, feel free to e-mail me at