Survey 7 Results

Closed on November 11, 2006

265 Respondents

Model Year Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
2004 Cars36 %
2005 Cars45 %
2006 Cars14 %

Exterior Color Breakdown

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Black:42 %
Silver:37 %
StealthGray:08 %
Redline:11 %
Total Responded 265

Total miles by all V respondants: 4607875 (wow!)
Average miles per CTS-v (of the 263 respondents): 17520.437

Are you the first owner of this car?

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Lease or Purchase

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Payments remaining on the V

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Level of modificationNumberPercentage
Aside from CAGS, etc no mods:11545 %
Some mods (exhaust, intake, etc):11545 %
Heavly Modified (SC, driveleine, etc):2108 %
Total Responded 251

Number of People With an Aftermarket Shifter

Vertical bars chart

32 percent have a Aftermarket Shifter

Number of People who have installed the TSB bushings

33 percent of people have the TSB bushings or other similar bushings installed

Vertical bars chart

Number of People FG2 or other suspension

13 percent of owners have a FG2 Suspension

02 percent of of owners have a aftermarket shock package other than the FG2 Suspension

Replacement Tires

Vertical bars chart
  • Nitto 555
  • Yokohama
  • General UHP
  • Yokohama AVS ES1000
  • Yokohama Advanta S4

    Number of Service Visits

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    Have you ever been denied a warranty claim due to aftermarket modifications to your vehicle?

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    How many times have you had your Rear Differential replaced?

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    Combined that means a total of 24 Percent have had their differential replaced 1 or more times

    Have you had your motor mounts replaced?

    03 percent of owners have had their motor mounts replaced

    Do you have transmission shifting issues?

    Vertical bars chart

    36 % of people claim to have Transmissions shifting issues

    Speeding Ticket

    Vertical bars chart

    19 percent of people have 1 or more speeding tickets.

    Do you plan to purchase an Extended Warranty

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    Overall Satisfaction (with 10 being best)

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    The average Overall satisfaction level is: 8.26

    Satisfaction with your dealer

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    The average Dealer satisfaction level is: 7.04

    Satisfaction with your Service Experience

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    The average Service satisfaction level is: 6.87

    Would You buy the V again?

    Vertical bars chart

    About 81 Percent of people would rebuy the CTS-V

    How long do you plan to keep your CTS-V?

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    About 47 Percent of people are going to keep the V 5 years or longer

    Will you buy another Cadillac?

    32 percent of people WILL buy another cadillac

    60 percent of people MAY buy another cadillac



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    Age Range

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    Average Age (weighted) is 42.6

    Annual Income

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    67 percent of people make above 120 k/ year


  • With every mod, my driving pleasure increases!
  • I'm the 2nd owner with 21K miles. ONLY problem has been the sail panels. Everything else is facory original. Love this car!
  • Some diff whine, started at about l800 miles. Had issues with 6-disc in dash CD changer r&r. Diff leaking at about 4300 miles. Why the hell doesn't the CTS-V come with a locking fuel door when base CTS models come with it? Overall, I love this car.
  • I love this car - 3 years old and still an enjoyable experience when driving it.
  • Best car I've owned!
  • I would love to mod the car but I don't think it would handle it well. Many things about the car that I think is cheap compared to other american cars for the money. Sold my 2003 cobra for what I think is a lesser car with more issues
  • Still the only American-made super car with a back seat!
  • Best car I have ever owned. When this one wears out, I will buy another one.
  • hope GM addresses poor shift-clutch mechanism
  • Whine in rear is present, I have spoken to dealer and been told this is normal. I plan to go back and demand differential be checked. I will pursue with GM if not satisfied.
  • Love the power and handling. Disappointed by the interior. Seems that each day, I find something new that's squeeking or rubbing. My gf's Accord has less squeeks and jitters...
  • Fantastic Car. I own 7 vehicles at present and have owned over 250 cars in my lifetime. This is simply the very best ever!
  • Driveshaft play/shifting clunking which Cadillac refuses to correct unless I can resove it through arbatration.When it fails Iguess they will have to under warranty

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