Survey 5 Results

Closed on May 10, 2006

234 Respondents

Model Year Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
2004 Cars31 %
2005 Cars58 %
2006 Cars09 %

Exterior Color Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
Black:48 %
Silver:31 %
StealthGray:10 %
Redline:09 %
Total Responded 234

Total miles by all V respondants: 3095086 (wow!)
Average miles per CTS-v (of the 234 respondents): 13226.863


Vertical bars chart
Level of modificationNumberPercentage
Aside from CAGS, etc no mods:8139 %
Some mods (exhaust, intake, etc):10450 %
Heavly Modified (SC, driveleine, etc):2210 %
Total Responded 207

Number of People With an Aftermarket Shifter

Vertical bars chart

36 percent have a Aftermarket Shifter

Number of People FG2 or other suspension

22 percent of owners have a FG2 Suspension

01 percent of of owners have a aftermarket shock package other than the FG2 Suspension

Replacement Tires

Vertical bars chart

Number of Service Visits

Vertical bars chart

How many times have you had your Rear Differential replaced?

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Combined that means a total of 23 Percent have had their differential replaced 1 or more times

Do you have transmission shifting issues?

Over 26 percent of respondants claim that they have shifting issues with the V transmission

Have you had a valid warranty claim denied by GM that you feel is valid?

Vertical bars chart

08 Percent of people have had one or more warranty claim denied by GM that they feel is valid

Reasons most often given

  • abusive driving
  • Driver abuse
  • Could not replicate the problem or other wear issue
  • To many modifications
  • situation normal
  • abuse
  • Dealer could not reproduce issue.
  • Couldnt reproduce customers claims
  • Said windshield crack (2nd time) was casued by pebble
  • You installed after market part, therefore voiding your Warranty

    Top 10 Dealers

    Vertical bars chart
    note: Not listed may be attributed to the fact that the selection list was very long and it could take a while to find a dealer.. Many people could have selected not listed instead of taking the time to find the correct dealer

    Cts-V Meeting

    Vertical bars chart

    CTS-VR Racing Events

    44 Percent of people want to attend a CTS-VR Racing event

    51 Percent of people will MAYBE attend a CTS-VR Racing event

    Speeding Ticket

    Vertical bars chart

    17 percent of people have 1 or more speeding tickets.


    Overall Satisfaction (with 10 being best)

    Vertical bars chart

    The average Overall satisfaction level is: 8.26

    Satisfaction with your dealer

    Vertical bars chart

    The average Dealer satisfaction level is: 7.15

    Satisfaction with your Service Experience

    Vertical bars chart

    The average Service satisfaction level is: 7.01

    Would You buy the V again?

    Vertical bars chart

    About 79 Percent of people would rebuy the CTS-V

    How long do you plan to keep your CTS-V?

    Vertical bars chart

    About 35 Percent of people are going to keep the V 5 years or longer



    Vertical bars chart


    Vertical bars chart

    Age Range

    Vertical bars chart

    Average Age (weighted) is 41.7

    Annual Income

    Vertical bars chart

    67 percent of people make above 120 K (HOLY CRAP... I need a new job!)


  • M y service visits have been for routine service. I have over 15,000 miles and no major problems with the car. Best "fun car" I have ever had.
  • Engineering wise, cadillac went 95% of the way. If they removed the 'cadillac' features (ruber isolators everywhere, dual mass flywheel, hop hop hop), and fixed the crappy diff. It would be very close to 100%, and this would be a truely classic performance vehicle. The biggest issue appears to be service related. I'm lucky to have a great dealer, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.
  • I love the car - too bad about the quirks it has when low end shifting, the hop bushings and some plastic noise from the dash when hot - still love the car - nothing else is quite like it - the size is perfect (SRT's are boats - they suck from the inside on winding back roads) - plus the charger is bland and boring. The V rules. Best of all it's AMERICAN.
  • So close to being a phenomenal vehicle but diff/tranny issues mated to an inept service dept have made this a nightmare. Even though my car is a lemon, I still love it like a woman I know I should leave...
  • Finest all-around car built in America today.
  • Once again...this site is Top Notch!
  • I had ordered a 2005 Corvette with most all of the options and cancelled my order when I saw the CTS-V demo online. Thought the car met all my optional desires especially with the similar drivetrain as the Vette and everytime I go out to Church or for dinner I can bring my whole family which the Vette wouldn't do.
  • CAr needs some refinement. But overall a pretty good package
  • Love it Love it Love it!!

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