Survey 4 Results

259 Respondents

Model Year Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
2004 Cars37 %
2005 Cars56 %
2006 Cars05 %

Exterior Color Breakdown

Vertical bars chart
Black:51 %
Silver:31 %
StealthGray:08 %
Redline:08 %
Total Responded 259

Total miles by all V respondants: 3398849 (wow!)
Average miles per CTS-v (of the 255 respondents): 13328.819


Vertical bars chart
Level of modificationNumberPercentage
Aside from CAGS, etc no mods:9743 %
Some mods (exhaust, intake, etc):9944 %
Heavly Modified (SC, driveleine, etc):2511 %
Total Responded 221


28 people have had their cars dyno'ed

of those 28 people the average HP was 393.36 and Average torque was 391.48

Note: this does NOT consider if they had modifications or not


of the 179 people who responded to this question,
11 People have raced in the 1/4 mile
26 People have raced on a road course
8 People have raced in the 1/4 mile AND a road course
134 People want to race but have not yet.

PCM tuning

23 % of people have had their PCM tuned (61)
49 % of people want to have their PCM tuned (128)

Cell Phone type:

Over 44 percent are sure that they have a bluetooth enabled cell phone

My preference when it comes to satellite radio is:

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If I had a choice in the CTS-V, I would prefer a transmission that is a

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I Visit

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Number of Service Visits

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How many times have you had your Rear Differential replaced?

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Combined that means a total of 23 Percent have had their differential replaced 1 or more times

Do you have transmission shifting issues?

Over 32 percent of respondants claim that they have shifting issues with the V transmission

Top 10 Dealers

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note: Not listed may be attributed to the fact that the selection list was very long and it could take a while to find a dealer.. Many people could have selected not listed instead of taking the time to find the correct dealer


Overall Satisfaction (with 10 being best)

Vertical bars chart

The average Overall satisfaction level is: 8.03

Satisfaction with your dealer

Vertical bars chart

The average Dealer satisfaction level is: 7.16

Satisfaction with your Service Experience

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The average Service satisfaction level is: 6.83

Would You buy the V again?

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About 79 Percent of people would rebuy the CTS-V

How long do you plan to keep your CTS-V?

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About 33 Percent of people are going to keep the V 5 years or longer



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Age Range

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Annual Income

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The Good

  • Love the car. No more problems than any other rig. Dealer is OK but I have to educate him on the V. Its a muscle car, if you drive it hard, stuff will break.
  • Zero problems so far....I LOVE THIS CAR!
  • Soo fun to drive.
  • This car was everything that I expected and more.
  • Love the CTS-V. ...the car is absolutely one of the best cars i've owned to date. Performance is amazing.Its everything a sports sedan should be.

    The Bad

  • Love the car. Hate the dealership. Would like a slightly less "race-inspired" seat.
  • So close to being a legendary car, but the problems and dealer experience have been so horrible that I'll NEVER buy another GM vehicle ever again. Sad that my first GM will be my last.
  • Potential to be a great car. Way too many problems.
  • The clunk keeps getting worse so I'm thinking of selling the car, even at a big loss.

    The Ugly

  • Biggest complaint...diff not changed under warranty. I had to pay for it.
  • hate the wheel hop and I wish the car had a nice wood dash. Other than that, great car.

    Thanks to all who filled out the survey. If you want more information which I did not post, feel free to e-mail me at