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Survey 3 Results

152 Respondents

  • 2004 Cars: 65
  • 2005 cars: 87

    Significant facts are highlighted in red


  • Combined Driving Mileage= 1,073,531 WOW!
  • average Mileage is 7063 per car.


    When asked if their sunroof had a rattle, Of the 135 with roofs,
  • 78% said Yes! (I guess thats what a road racing suspension gets you!)


    When asked how many times their car had been in for service,
  • 34% said their car had been in 3 or more times.
  • 30% have not had their car in for service at all
  • 12 % have been in 5 or more times
    When asked have you had your rear end repaced
  • 14.4% said yes (kinda big number here, I expected bigger however)
  • 5% have had the rear replaced 2 or more times


    When asked Do you plane to Keep XM
  • 63% said yes


    When asked: are you INTERESTED in racing the V
  • 57% said yes
  • 11% said maybe
  • and 30% are Pussies...(sorry...)
    When asked if they had been to a track event:
  • 9.8 % had been to a Road course
  • 19% had been to a 1/4 mile course
  • and 7% had been to both (YOU ARE AWESOME!)
    When asked about racing school:
  • 42% want to (I am working on this one... GM can you hear me)
  • 25% are lame... and think they know how to drive
  • and 29% are race car drivers.

    Computer questions

    When asked if they had their PCM tuned:
  • 12.50% said Yes
  • 37.50% said no
  • and a full 50.00% said not yet (which means they will eventually)
    Do you have a device to read engine codes?
  • 30.92% Said Yes (my local autozone is as good as you are....)
  • 56.58% said NO
  • 12.50% are wannabes (there will be some products for you guys soon from the aftermarket I am sure)
    Do you want guages or engine info?
  • 27.63% said yes
  • 72.37% said no

    GM brand

    When asked if they would pay more for a GM branded Accessory
  • 34 % said Yes (where are you GM racing)
  • and 54 said maybe (what are you offering I guess is the question here)
    Do you trust a dealer to install a performance part?
  • 29% Yes
  • 15% said NO
  • 53% said maybe (I guess it comes down to how complicated it was and if the warranty would still be valid)

    Overall Opinions

    How do you rank the GM Brand (1 is low and 5 is high)
  • 89% gave it over a 3 rating (VERY GOOD FOR GM)

    How do you rank your overall satisfaction? (1 is low and 5 is high)
  • 96% ranked it above a 3
  • 48% gave it a 5

    Demographics Info:

  • 33% were between 31 and 40 years old
  • 71 % are younger than 50 years old- We ARE hip and cool
  • 98.6 % male (too much testosterone in here)- At least we have a few women drivers
  • 44% have NO children (the majority this time) and 40% have 1-2 children (GO DINKS!)
  • 55% make over 120K/ year in houshold income (VENDORS, are you STILL listening?)
  • California wins as the most popular state this time with FL a close second. CA is 14% of respondents.
  • Next was PA, OH, VA, and NC (chart to be posted soon)

    Thanks to all who filled out the survey. If you want more information which I did not post, feel free to e-mail me at

  • This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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