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Survey 2 Results

70 Respondents

  • 2004 Cars: 40
  • 2005 cars: 29

    Significant facts are highlighted in red


  • only 15% have FG2 suspension installed
  • 21 % of you have taken your V to the track (drag strip, road course, or other)
  • 21% have at least one speeding ticket (maybe the same people as took their car to the track)


  • 73% have been in for service 2 or less times with about 28% having not been in for sevice at all (close to a third of you)


  • 30 % have replaced their tires so far with 28 % having replace the tires with under 10K miles on the ODO
  • 57% will NOT replace (or have not replaced) the tires with runflat tires (I guess they are too much $$ and wear out to quick)

    Ride quality

  • 71% give the suspension firmness a "just right" rating
  • When asked if you would trade ride quality to get rid of the hop, 57% said they would go with a harsher rid to get rid of hop
  • 66% of you would be happy if wheel hop was fixed 95% of the way there (ie still a little hop)- BMR are you listening?


  • 53% are not going to renew their onstar subscriptions ( has a thread expaling why that may be)


  • 70% have no window tint
  • Of those with tint, 20% was the most popular darkness (where you live may really affect this one)


  • 57 % of you still cant stand the E-brake being on the floor and not a hand e-brake

    Overal Satisfaction

  • 100% rank the overall satisfaction 3 or better with a majority ranking of 57% giving it a 5 (with 5 being the highest rating possible)

    Demographics Info:

  • 32% were between 31 and 40 years old
  • 81 % are younger than 50 years old (Go caddy! Change that image!!)
  • 98 % male (too much testosterone in here)
  • 44% have 1-2 children and 34% have no children (You guys with kids still like to drive fast huh?)
  • 59% make over 120K/ year in houshold income (VENDORS, are you listening?)
  • Florida was the most popular state this time with CA a close second.
  • Next was North Carolina, Texas, Pensulvania, Michigan, and Virginia


  • 33% have exhaust
  • 27% have intake
  • 46% have CAGS (Go stealthV Engineering)
  • Wheel hop kit and Pinion brace came in 4 and 5th respectivly
  • Other mods include: Fuel rail covers, Clear Bra, wheels, and lots of different badging.

    You all want to see the following:

  • 31-36% want an Ipod interface, Bluetooth Car kit, a Locking gas cap, and some of you still want a "popping" trunk

    Othe rthings you would like to see:

  • A better sound system, HUD (heads up display), Voice Commands, Touchscreen NAV, Different console (that locks), adjustable pedals, and heated outside mirrors

    Thanks to all who filled out the survey. If you want more information which I did not post, feel free to e-mail me at

  • This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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