Wheel Hop

GM released a wheel hop fix which is covered under warranty. See the TSB section (here) for more information. The GM fix is about a 80-90% fix.

The GM fix involves additional rear bushings. The GM bushings have been known to be noisey (creaks and groans). Specter makes bushigns that are almost identical in design that do not have pops and squeaks. see the Vendor mod list to see more about this.

You can still use the BMR, or KARS kit in addition to a bushing solution to provide additional reduction in wheel hop.

BMR came out with a ani-wheel hop kit. Cusomter installed (do it yourselfers) which will cost $299. Accoridng to some this reduces wheelhop by 75%. More info is coming. FOr the kit, see http://www.bmrfabrication.com/CTS-Vpage.htm or its also located on the Vendor list

People are torn on what actually is causing wheel hop. Some people are saying that it is suspension, others are saying that it is the tires. Some owners have shown that by replacing the EMT runflat tires with normal performance tires, the wheel hop is reduced.

Another theory is Air Bags will help to reduce this issue. Again, testing has shown a reduction but not eliminating it completely.

Yet another theory is that poly bushings in the rear will solve the problem. This will increase ride "harshness" but will reduce wheel hop.

Actual tested answer still TBD.

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