How do I remove the rear deck? (pics included)

Removal... the key is the little Air Bag label in the middle of the pillar cover.Carefully pry it off. I broke the tangs on one.

There is a hex screw underneath the Air bag tab (7 mm). I recommend that you use a nut driver (7mm). Dont worry if you drop the nut as there is a little tray to catch it before it falls into the depths of the car. If you look at the pix of the white airbag you will see the hex screw in place.

Remove the screw and the pillar covers come off.(they also have some clips at the bottom).

THe deck cover has tabs that stick out in the back to hold it down.

Behind the seat is a steel brace. Take off the 4 nuts that secure it (10 mm box wrench). The seat back will come far enough forward for you to get at 2 black push pins at the extreme end (right and left) of the top of the seat. Pop them out. (these are very similar to door panel holds.. they are barbed and just come loose when you pull on them. There is a tool that will make this easy- shops use them on door panels)

Lace the seatbelt thru the hole and disconnect from the buckle first.

Really not much too it. Lift the deck cover up and out The seat doesent have to come out. Additional note: there are white plastic tabs about 4 inches long 2 inches wide that attach to the rear deck and make the side pillars align correctly. These fell off when I pulled the deck panel off. To re-attach, just clip them to the rear deck before you place it back in (they hold themselves on. The plastic aligns with the widest piece of plastic on the part aiming TOWARD the window. Pictures to follow when I go back and do this again....)


Thanks Lasstss, edited and corrected by Reed

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